Ben Crane

Hi there, Hope you all are doing well.

I am a Fitness Freak, Ecommerce Expert, Golfer. I love to travel a lot.

I started golf at 2010. I thought i might start a blog and share my ideas and tips about golf.

I review various golf products and those are legit and non-paid reviews. But i do earn commission when you click and purchase something from amazon. Fare enough?

You can email me:

17 Things that you may want to know about me:

1. I live in NeW York and its awesome
2. I'm from Chicago
3. I have lots of friends over online
4. I love burgers, specially very spicy
5. I love homemade foods rather than junk foods
6. Yes, I love food period. :P
7. I was born in 1984.
8. I am 6'4" and 81kgs.
9. I love to watch movies (thrillers, comedy, romance).
10. My most of the earning comes from eCommerce
11. I like to talk straight. Do not care telling the truth
12. I believe in 80-20 rules
13. I love to hire people. Damn it.
14. I love to travel.
15. I am a good product researcher.
16. I am good at Facebook Paid Ads and Google Ads
17. I hate designing logos for my site because i suck at it.