American Lake Veterans Golf Course

The American lake veteran’s golf course is on VA hospital grounds with its history dating back to the approval of construction of the hospital in 1926. The golf course came to be some years after the Second World War in the mid-1950s. Though not handicap friendly, the golf course served its purpose as a rehabilitation sanctuary mostly for war veterans.

In the turn of 1995, the United States government withdrew its financial backing the rehabilitation center and golf course. Volunteers then took control of the facility, but it was evident from the start that the issue of funding would be a nagging pain. As such, the facility went into a state of poor maintenance threatening to drop into dereliction.

The move by Harold Roberts, a retired teacher and a Korean War veteran to join the facility as a veteran in 2001 and the following year as a board member brought to light the funding problem.

Through the work of volunteers, the golf course is now back to its feet and running. It supports war vets from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghani and Korean wars with rehabilitation, therapy in addition to providing a socializing platform. This helps in reducing and controlling the pain that the vets have both physical and psychological.

At the Veteran golf course, you will find several veterans, some in prosthetics in their golf sunglasses having an easy time teeing away.

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Veteran Golf’s Facilities

A golf course is properly defined by its facilities which make it stand out from the others. The Veteran golf course manages to be distinct owing to its line of service here it caters for the recreation needs of the war vets.

The following are some of the facilities and perks that you can get once signed up at the center.

  • Expansive Golfing Course

The entire golf course occupies almost 377 acres of land. This is a very decent area which provides a conducive environment for golfing. The lawns are well-maintained at the moment courtesy of the efforts of volunteers and non-profit organizations.

The scenic appearance of the golf course makes it a nice center for psychologically rehabilitating the war vets, most of whom have mental scars from their ordeal.

  • Handicap Friendly

Considering the fact that most of the war veterans come with a lot of scars from psychological to physical, it is prudent that the facility is friendly to them. The Veteran golf course is friendly to the handicapped most of whom have lost their limbs from their time in the battlefront.

The convenience of the whole facility to the handicapped is evident from the entry points to the golf carts which can be comfortably driven by the impaired. There are also game improvement irons for trainee golfers who want to perfect their shots, with their handling property being a boost to the impaired vets.

  • Plenty Of Training Facilities And Accessories

The Veteran golf course center has several facilities which serve as accessories for a comfortable golfing session. As earlier indicated, the center also serves as a rehabilitation and socializing platform for the war veterans. As such there are facilities for both services apart from the golf course. There are nice lounges in the vicinity which is part of the larger hospital where one can relax waiting their turn at the pitch.

A golf course is not a golf course without golf carts. The golf carts are modified in such a way that they cater to all parties, the handicapped and those who are not physically impaired. There are also storage rooms where the golfers can store their training kits. If one does not have their training kits, the course may provide them with some such as golf balls, game improvement irons, and golf drivers.

  • Indoor Golf Arena

There is also an indoor golf arena for those who have a preference for this type of golfing. The indoor golf has a simulation sheet that portrays a normal golfing course. With the arena, one can practice his or her golfing skills mostly short-range tees using provided game improvement irons and fairway wood for long range trials.

The environment is also conducive for those in need of a protective shelter especially vets with mental scars from the war. An indoor golf course is also a good option in case of poor weather conditions.


The veteran golfing facility runs a number of events both golfing and maintenance to improve its overall integrity. The events are set in a calendar indicating the date and time. Such arrangements streamline the activities around the facilities and do justice to it in terms of its growing face value. Some of the events are golfing tournaments with a prize available for the winner.

Why The Veteran Golf Course Is A Good Option For Golfing

After looking at some of the facilities and perks that you are in for by being a member of the Veteran’s golf course, we can see why it deserves to have the decent course tag.

In summary, the following are what makes the Veteran golf a suitable golfing platform.

  • Specific for veterans making it easy for them to acquire membership.
  • An expansive golfing course that comes with a serenity which is good for the war vets.
  • Plenty of training facilities such as the indoor training and also comfortable resting lounges.
  • The course is handicap friendly seen in the points of entry, golfing carts and also special golfing clubs.
  • Plenty of golfing accessories including driver shafts and mallet putters.

Well-maintained surroundings courtesy of the efforts of volunteers and non-profit organizations.

Downsides Of The Veteran’s Golf Course

The major observable downside to the Veteran’s golf course is the lack of proper funding which makes it prone to dereliction. However, the issue has been sorted out by volunteers and non-profit organizations stepping up to the task of funding and maintenance.


War veterans really have a hard time coming from the war and resettling with their families. Most of them come with injuries and memories which really affect their well-being necessitating the need for rehabilitation for this respectable lot in the society. The Veteran golfing facility is striving in providing a platform to help them cope up with their respective situations.
The handicap friendly center gives an opportunity for the vets to participate in golfing as well as to socialize with their fellow war companions. The facility is very serene with plenty of golfing facilities for a smooth teeing session.



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