Harding Park

TPC Harding Park is a municipal golf course in San Francisco and features two individual courses which are open to the public. The city council of San Francisco runs and maintains the facility hence it is less prone to dereliction.

The golf course was set up in 1925 and named after President Warren Harding who was an ardent golfer. The honor came after he died two years later on a visit to San Francisco. The golf course has hosted a number of important events through its lifetime that shot it to instant fame and is one of the well-known golfing arenas in the larger California area.

Low points have also characterized its existence where it witnessed a decline in its prestige more so in the mid-1970s to the 1980s. At some point during its decline, it was used as a parking lot. Most of its depreciation come due to budget cuts meaning it was not well off financially.

Lobbying by prominent golfers in San Francisco who championed for its renovation. Renovation works began in 2002 which incorporated the expansion of the arena and an upgrade of the driving range and clubhouse.

The park was officially reopened in mid-2003 and managed to host top golfing tournaments working its way back to glory.

Harding Park’s Facilities

TPC Harding Park’s top-notch facilities draw in a large number of golf sunglasses wearing golfer taking their time to hit their golf balls leisurely. The following are some of the facilities and perks which you can enjoy as a golfer visiting the golf course.

  • The Clubhouse

Apart from golfing, another major attraction to the golf course is the clubhouse. The clubhouse is the meeting point for golfing buddies who can have a drink as they wait for the perfect time to go to the field. Meeting and parties are also held at the facility which is very conducive owing to its large area which can host an impressive number of persons at once.

Style and budget make the clubhouse a perfect location and its banquet services are one to really appreciate while at the place. A talented team of staff ensures that the stay at the joint is worthwhile while you flex your fairway woods golf club after teeing.

  • Two Golf Courses

TPC Harding Park has two different golf courses in its expansive golfing facility. The courses are the TPC Harding Park and the Fleming 9 course.

The TPC Harding Park course is an 18-hole facility characterized by gently rolling slopes surrounded by the shores of Lake Merced. The contoured green complexes together with four sets of tees are the perfect place to test out your game improvement irons in order to better your shot. The shores of Lake Merced have a lining of cypress trees that give the area a classy look.

The Fleming 9 course is a 9-hole course named after a golf caretaker at the city and came to be in 1961 with a premium on correct club selection and accuracy. You can get your mallet putters for teeing on this course which is good for both beginner and pro golfers. Residents from San Francisco and the bay area can tee off at the Fleming 9 course at reduced rates.

  • The TPC Harding Golfing Shop

At the TPC Harding golfing shop you are able to get a whole load of golfing merchandise for a smooth golfing experience. At the golf shop, most of the wares available are golfing attire such as caps, gloves, and t-shirts for both men and women. Discounts and promo codes are the order of the day at the shop and you can get a worthy bargain if you are keen on timing.

  • Club Rentals

If you do not have the proper gear for golfing at the golf course, the TPC Harding golfing shop has you covered. You can simply rent out a golfing club to use for your golfing activities. The rates are friendly and there is also a huge variety of clubs to pick from hybrid golf clubs, fairway woods and many more.

  • Golfing Instructions

There are highly qualified and helpful golfing instructors who can lead you through the basics of golfing if you are a beginner. They also come in handy to refresh your skills if it is long since you went to the golfing pitch. Accessories such as driving shafts, gloves and golf drivers are at your disposal for the benefit of perfecting your game.

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Each year the TPC Harding Park carries out charitable outings ad various tournaments which further upgrade its vibrancy. A lot of golfers come from different parts of the country to take part in the tournaments.

Why TPC Harding Golf Course Is A Good Option

TPC Harding has over the years attracted top events which stand as testimony of its prestige. Its renovation works brought back its lost glory as one of the best teeing courses around. The following are some of the reasons as to why it is a good option for a golfing course.

  • The golf course provides unrestricted access to members of the public.
  • Friendly rates for San Francisco and bay area residents.
  • The golfing shop provides an avenue for purchase and renting of various merchandise to use in golfing.
  • There are golfing lessons which one can take so as to improve their golfing skills.
  • Ample parking places around.
  • TPC Harding Park features an expansive golfing pitch featuring two separate golfing courses.

Downsides TO THE TPC Harding Park GOLFING ARENA

The major problem that faced this arena was the negligence which saw the course being used as a parking lot during one of its low periods. The issue was, however, sorted and the course is one of the best arenas around.


The municipal council-owned golfing course is a good idea that provides an open platform for members of the public to learn and engage in golfing. The expansive arena is a great spot where one can have a nice relaxed time teeing off. The clubhouse also provides an excellent chill spot to meet up with your golfing buddies and also hold parties and meetings.
For golfing merchandise and apparel the golfing shop has you sorted promising you a fulfilling time golfing.