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Ben Crane Golf is looking for writers who is confident enough about GOLF niche.

I have so much articles to write but do no have enough time to write those by myself.
Thats why i decided to bring some writers on board to write for me.

How it'll work

* I will give you a headline with appropriate details
* I will share all the details that will make you understand that how i want my articles to be write
* You will be given the freedom to research and write them
* I will sate about how many words the article should be.
* I will look it over and publish it, when its ready.
* You may need to revise if any error, you missed the guidelines or changes needed
* Most of the articles are about 2000+ words.
* I will pay 2 cents per words which is $40 for 2000 words
* As we move in to the work, I will increase your pay.

How to apply

Send an email to ( Email subject needs to be "Freelance Golf Writer".